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For high-performance products – our flexible silicon and advanced DSP algorithms deliver stand-out results.

For best-in-class voice capture accuracy – whether commands are spoken up close or from across the room.

For peace of mind – our expert engineers are on hand to help you move rapidly from prototype to production.

Latest events

We’re getting ready for Computex 2019 in Taipei at the end of May, where we’ll be talking about our latest technology and it can help your projects.

In the meantime, read our wrap-up blog on MWC19 – a show that threw open the doors to the era of intelligent connectivity.

Our solutions

Voice interfaces

Enjoy a more immersive experience by adding voice control into your products to connect with an automatic speech recognition service.

Conference calling

Enjoy clearer, closer sound quality on your calls. From up close and at a distance, even the quietest voice will stand out with our conference calling solutions.

Premium USB audio

Enjoy premium sound quality, interface flexibility and intuitive control with our multichannel and Hi-Res USB audio solutions.

In the words of others …

Latest news

XMOS helps create a sensor for Murata’s sensor data platform 881 493 XMOS

XMOS helps create a sensor for Murata’s sensor data platform

Japan: 17 June 2019. Murata has launched NAONA – a sensor data platform capable of sensing the cognitive information of a space (such as the mood of a place or the communication between people) and turning this into data. XMOS XVF3000 voice processor is built-in to the NAONA Array Mic unit, delivering the capability to…

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The role of women in the rise of AI

We spoke with Natalie Powell (ChannelNewsAsia) at MWC19 on the “Role of Women in the rise of Artificial Intelligence”.

The role of women in the rise of AI 310 310 XMOS
Introducing Windows collaboration display by Sharp 629 362 XMOS

Introducing Windows collaboration display by Sharp

“Walk in, plug in, work together” XMOS is collaborating with Japan-based multinational corporation Sharp to create the first Windows collaboration display (WCD) by Sharp – the next generation interactive smart touch screen designed to improve teamwork by enhancing communication through easy video conferencing and remote collaboration. Manufactured by Foxconn, the 70” 4K interactive display combines…

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