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XMOS Layer 2 Ethernet MAC Component

Version: 2.2.4rc0.a Date: July 08, 2013Download PDF
2.2.4rc0.aJul 08, 2013 download view
2.2.3rc0.aApr 04, 2013 download view
2.2.2rc0.aJan 04, 2013 download view
2.2.1rc1.aOct 19, 2012 download view
2.2.1rc0.aOct 18, 2012 download view
2.2.0rc0.aOct 15, 2012 download view

Ethernet Layer 2 MAC Overview

The layer 2 MAC component implements a layer 2 ethernet MAC. It provides both MII communication to the PHY and MAC transport layer for ethernet packets and enables several clients to connect to it and send and receive packets.

Two independent implementations are available. The FULL implementation runs on 5 logical cores, allows multiple clients with independent buffering per client and supports accurate packet timestamping, priority queuing, and 802.1Qav traffic shaping. The LITE implementation runs on two logical cores but is restricted to a single receive and trasnmit client and does not support any advanced features.

Component Summary


Provides MII ethernet interface and MAC with customizable filtering and accurate packet timestamping.

Supported Standards


IEEE 802.3u (MII)

Supported Devices

XMOS Devices







XMOS Desktop Tools

v12.0 or later


MII compatible 100Mbit PHY

Licensing and Support

Component code provided without charge from XMOS. Component code is maintained by XMOS.