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How to use memcpy with interface array arguments

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    This code is provided as example code for a user to base their code on.

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    How to use memcpy with interface array arguments

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    Unless otherwise specified, this example runs on the SliceKIT Core Board, but can easily be run on any XMOS device by using a different XN file.

Interface functions can take array arguments like normal functions:

interface my_interface {
  void fill_buffer(int buf[n], unsigned n);

At the server end of the interface, the memcpy in string.h can be used to copy local data to the remote array. This will be converted into an efficient inter-task copy.

void task2(server interface my_interface c)
  int data[5] = {1,2,3,4,5};
  select {
  case c.fill_buffer(int a[n], unsigned n):
    // Copy data from the local array to the remote
    memcpy(a, data, n*sizeof(int));