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Embedded Webserver Library Programming Guide

Version: 1.0.3rc1.a Date: June 26, 2014Download PDF
1.0.3rc1.aJun 26, 2014 download view
1.0.3rc0.aJun 12, 2014 download view
1.0.0rc0.aOct 29, 2012 download view

This software block allows you to generate a webserver that communicates using the XMOS TCP/IP server component. It has the following core features:

  • Automatically package a file tree of web pages into data that be accessed on the device
  • Store web pages in either program memory or on an attached SPI flash
  • Call C/XC functions from within web page templates to access dynamic content
  • Handle GET and POST HTTP requests
  • Separate the handling of TCP traffic and the access of flash into different tasks passing data over XC channels. Allowing you to integrate the webserver in other applications that already handle TCP or access flash.