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DFU loader for XMOS USB AUDIO devices

Version: 4 Date: June 12, 2014Download PDF
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2Jun 11, 2014 download view
1.1Dec 15, 2010 download view


The DFU loader is a flash device firmware upgrade mechanism. To work correctly your development board must contain the latest DFU enabled firmware.

The firmware upgrade for XMOS USB devices implementation uses the USB standard DFU device class mechanism and is based on the following specification:

Supported functionality:

  • Download of new firmware to device
  • Upload of existing firmware from device
  • Revert device back to factory image
  • Automatic reboot of device on firmware upgrade

You must use XMOS Development Tools version 10.4.1 (or later).

The DFU device on Windows requires the Theyscon USB Audio 2.0 Windows driver version 1.13.3 or later.