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DFU loader for XMOS USB AUDIO devices

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Using the DFU loader - Windows (via the Thesycon driver)

Thesycon provide both GUI and CLI DFU tools, TUSBAudioDfu.exe and dfucons.exe respectively. The use of the GUI tool is not covered by this document.

The correct installation of the Thesycon driver and DFU tools exceeds the scope of this document.

Set up the image loader

Run the DFU console tool (dfucons.exe) from the Thesycon install folder, in a Command Prompt by navigating to:

C:\Program Files\Thesycon\TUSBAudio_Driver\

To check the device has been detected, run the following command in the DFU console:

dfucons info

The console shows the DFU devices that have been detected.

Download new firmware

To program the new firmware run the command:

dfucons download new_firmware.bin

Note that once this is done the device restarts. The original factory default application is still present but the device is now running the upgraded application firmware.

You can check the device has been updated by running the command:

dfucons info

This will display the device revision.

Uploading existing firmware from the device

You can retrieve a firmware image from the device, providing an upgrade image is present. Run the command:

dfucons upload currentfirmware.bin

The file currentfirmware.bin contains the latest upgrade image. This file is an exact copy of the data from the flash and can be downloaded to the device again to test.

Reverting firmware to factory image

To revert the device back to its factory (i.e XFLASH) installed state from the new firmware, run the command:

dfucons revertfactory

The device will now be running, and only contain the factory firmware, which can be seen by checking the device version once more.

For further details on the use of the Thesycon DFU tools please seeThesycon USB Audio 2.0 Driver for Windows User Manual.