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VocalFusion XVF3100 mono-AEC voice processor

The VocalFusion XVF3100 mono-AEC voice processor gives you up-close voice capture quality and processing accuracy at far-field range – even in noisy environments. Includes mono-AEC and Sensory wake-word engine making it ideal if you want to develop a smart speaker.

  • Distance


    Accurate voice capture and barge-in from across the room even when music is playing loudly and the commands are spoken softly.

  • Clarity


    Full duplex mono-AEC, noise suppression and dereverberation. Cuts out noise and echo for optimised ASR processing.

  • Distance


    With beamforming to track the voice of interest, you’ll get best in class performance at all angles and over long distances.




XVF3100 voice processor

  • Programmable voice processor for far-field handsfree communication
    • 4 microphone adaptive beamformer supporting linear and circular arrays
    • Full duplex AEC with barge-in support (up to 50dB att.)
    • Noise suppression (up to 15dB att.)
    • Speaker independent keyword trigger detection
    • 128 pin TQFP package 0.4mm pitch

Host interface options

  • High speed USB2.0 compliant device
    • Multichannel USB Audio Class 1.0 16kHz or 48kHz sample rate
    • Control interface
  • Optional I2S interface
    • 16kHz or 48kHz sample rate
    • I2C control interface

Audio output options

  • I2S output to DAC, 16kHz or 48kHz PCM


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