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VocalFusion 4-mic mono-AEC circular development kit

XMOS high-performance digital signal processing solutions help you build voice interaction services quickly into your products. Our mono-AEC voice processor gives you up-close voice capture quality and processing accuracy at far-field range – even in noisy environments. Ideal if you want to integrate voice into smart speakers.

  • Distance


    Accurate voice capture and barge-in from across the room even when music is playing loudly and the commands are spoken softly.

  • Clarity


    Full duplex mono-AEC, noise suppression and dereverberation. Cuts out noise and echo for optimised ASR processing.

  • Direction


    With beamforming to track the voice of interest, you’ll get best in class performance at all angles and over long distances.

  • Development Kit



VocalFusion 4-mic mono-AEC circular development kit

xCORE 3100 voice processor board

  • Integrated microphone and voice DSP
  • Integrated keyword detection - Sensory TrulyHandsfree
  • Integrated USB 2.0 PHY for high and full-speed host and device operation
  • 2048KB on-chip flash
  • 128-pin TQFP package 0.4mm pitch

Microphone array

  • Direct interfacing to 4 PDM microphones kit uses mics 1/3/4/6 only, 75x43mm rectangle
  • 16kHz sample rate

Audio output

  • I2S output to DAC,
  • 16kHz or 48kHz PCM

Host processor interface options

  • High speed USB2.0 compliant device
  • Optional I2S interface with I2C for control

Adaptive de-reverberation beamformer

  • Tracks the loudest voice
  • Adaption time 100ms (typically)
  • 180° coverage
  • Up to 5m operating distance

Acoustic Echo Canceller

  • Mono AEC with barge-in support
  • Up to 50dB suppression
  • Initial convergence <2s
  • Adaption time 100ms (typically)

Noise Suppression

  • Up to 15dB stationary noise suppression
  • Up to 15dB diffuse noise suppression


  • Distance

    Software library

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