AVB Endpoint Design Guide

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Version: 6.1.1       Date: November 24, 2014
Version Released Comment
6.1.1 November 24, 2014 download view
6.0.4 August 20, 2014 download view
5.2.0 May 22, 2013 download view



The XMOS Audio Video Bridging (AVB) endpoint is a reference design that provides time-synchronized, low latency streaming services through IEEE 802 networks. The solution is firmware that is implemented on the XMOS xCORE architecture and can be deployed on a number of different xCORE parts depending on system requirements such as stream and channel count.


XMOS AVB-LC Key Features

  • 100 Mbit/s full duplex Ethernet interface via MII
  • Support for 1722.1 discovery, enumeration, command and control: ADP, AECP (AEM) and ACMP
  • Simultaneous 1722 Talker and Listener support for sourcing and sinking audio
  • 1722 MAAP support for Talker stream MAC address allocation
  • 802.1Q Stream Reservation Protocols for QoS including MSRP and MVRP
  • 802.1AS Precision Time Protocol server for synchronization
  • I2S audio interface for connection to external codecs and DSPs
  • Media clock recovery and interface to a PLL clock source for high quality audio clock reproduction