Two xCoRE microcontrollersxCORE multicore microcontrollers are truly unique. Like traditional MCUs, they are programmed in C/C++, with all the flexibility and ease-of-use that implies.

But unlike traditional products, xCORE devices have multiple processor cores, so they can execute several tasks simultaneously and independently. They have incredibly flexible I/O, and a unique timing-deterministic architecture, including Hardware-Response™ technology that creates an intimate connection between the cores and the outside world. This reduces latency and allows xCORE devices to respond to external events within tens of nanoseconds – 100x quicker than traditional MCUs.

Each core can execute computational code, 64-bit precision DSP, control tasks (such as logic decisions and executing a state machine) or software to handle I/O. An on-chip scheduler functions like a real-time operating system in hardware, ensuring deterministic, predictable operation. Almost all instructions complete within a single machine cycle, so you can predict the time required to execute any block of code.

The xCORE architecture is tightly integrated with a best-in-class development tool set that includes an efficient LLVM compiler and GNU debugger. But the determinism of the xCORE architecture allows us to offer much more than other MCU providers. You can perform static timing analysis and hardware-like simulations via our XTA and xSIM tools. You can even collect real-time data from a running application, using our xSCOPE instrumentation system.

And we provide a broad range of proven intellectual property blocks, delivered free-of-charge via our xSOFTip library.

The xCORE architecture brings four key advantages when you are designing embedded systems


xCORE is programmable like an MCU, and allows you to choose exactly the peripheral mix you require in software.

xCoRE's flexibility to change

Timing determinism

Single-cycle instructions, a hardware scheduler and ultra-low latency I/O guarantee your software meets precise timings.


DSP and security

xCORE supports 32*32 into full 64bit precision MACC operations, single-cycle CRC32 and 128bit AES encryption.

xCoRE security

Ease of use

Our development environment and full range of IP make it easier to design with xCORE than with any traditional microcontroller.

xCoRE tools and software