The future of voice

VocalFusion provides convenience


Voice interfaces and intelligent assistants embedded in everyday household items will become commonplace, providing manufacturers with opportunities to design products that simplify and automate everyday tasks.

VocalFusion improves safety


Voice interfaces combined with voice biometrics offer powerful multi-level authentication and enhanced safety, whether it's a voice controlled door lock, a panic/help button or a sound activated security alarm.

VocalFusion enhances wellness


For designers of health products, the integration of voice interfaces throughout the home will provide a natural and compelling way for consumers of all ages to monitor their health and improve their wellness.

VocalFusion gives companionship


The ageing population and over-stressed lonely younger generations will create a huge demand for products that address emotional, conversational and companionship needs, as well as at-home assistance of loved ones.

VocalFusion enriches experience


For entertainment companies, voice delivers new ways to enrich a consumer's experience by adding voice controlled orthogonal interfaces to the existing environment or enabling new services.

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