Networked Audio Interface Kits | XMOS


  • Ethernet AVB
  • time-sensitive networks


The TSN/AVB library has been released as Open Source Software available from GitHub.
Ethernet AVB projects should be developed using xCORE-200 multicore microcontrollers;
for further assistance please contact our partner Attero Tech.


  • Star network topologies
    • 10/100/1000Mbits/s Ethernet port
  • Simultaneous talker & listener
  • AVB standards compliant
    • Time synchronization: 802.1AS
    • Traffic shaping: 802.1Qav
    • Bandwidth reservation: 802.1Qat
    • Media transport: IEEE 1722
    • Discovery and management: 1722.1
  • Bit perfect AVB audio transfer
  • PLL recovery of AVB media clock

xCORE-200 sliceKIT


xCORE-200 sliceKIT

  • XE216-512-FB236 device
  • 16 logical cores, 512KB SRAM, up to 2000MIPS
  • Flexible core board supporting up to four digital I/O slots for sliceCARDs
  • Gigabit Ethernet sliceCARD for 1000Mb applications; also compatible with existing 10/100Mbps Ethernet slice (XA-SK-E100)
  • GPIO sliceCARD