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The TSN/AVB library has been released as Open Source Software available from GitHub.
For assistance developing AVB/TSN solutions please contact our partner Attero Tech.


Business benefits are driving the increasing move to Ethernet-based network audio. Networked audio installations appear in many applications from public address systems and live broadcasting to the automotive and commercial worlds. All these sectors demand the high-fidelity, low latency, robust delivery which can be achieved with xCORE

There are many open and proprietary network audio standards. Each brings their own benefit but with no clear leader, the decision of which to adopt can be difficult. And then you have to integrate your chosen networked audio standard together with your product specific features.

xCORE solutions are agnostic enabling you to support your chosen standard today whilst future proofing for tomorrow. xCORE solutions provide deterministic multicore performance, ensuring each product feature performs as you need it to. The result is a high performance, competitive and differentiated networked audio product.


The AVB standard was developed under the guidance of the AVnu Alliance.

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The XMOS Ethernet AVB solution was the first AVnu-certified Audio Video Bridging (AVB) audio endpoint. It provides a fast time-to-market with a proven, flexible, scalable networked audio connectivity solution.

NOTE: The AVB Audio Endpoint software has been integrated into the Time Sensitive Network library.



XMOS provides a wide range of software components and libraries that implement the different standards required for Ethernet AVB.

StandardFunction in AVB Audio systems
IEEE1722.1Discovery, connection management & control
IEEE P1722Encapsulation protocol
IEC 61883-6Audio format for P1722
802.1QatStream reservation protocol
802.1QavFlow control
802.1asTiming synchronization
IEEE 1722.MAAPMAC Address Acquisition Protocol
802.1Ethernet MAC 100Mbit

Additional components available from XMOS include: I2S, TDM, S/PDIF, ADAT; DSP; I2C, SPI, serial and other GPIO.



Principles and standards behind Ethernet AVB networks

Andy Lucas, XMOS, explains the principles and standards behind Ethernet AVB networks.


Setting up a flexible AVB network with different configurations, using the AudioScience AVDECC library and XMOS development kits

John Edwards, XMOS, shows how to set up a flexible AVB network with different configurations,
using the AudioScience AVDECC library and XMOS development kits.

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