Pawpaw Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is focused on development of audio and audio silicon. Experienced in the development of embedded real-time operating systems, Pawpaw develops audio digital interface technology and provides total solutions, allowing their customers to get products to market as soon as possible.

Pawpaw support a full range of audio digital interfaces, including USB audio and microphone array capture. They have been working with USB audio solutions to provide customizable multi-channel and multi-audio interface solutions to audio manufacturers. Pawpaw have been working with microphone array solutions since 2015. They have integrated their microphone array voice capture hardware solution with microphone array algorithms from partners, to provide a total solution service for manufacturers.

Pawpaw are headquartered in Shenzhen.

Products, Skills and Services

  • Microphone array capture
  • USB Audio
  • AVB
  • Digital audio capture
  • RTOS

jusst technologies, Gmbh

jusst engineering

jusst technologies Gmbh, based in Hamburg, Germany, was founded in 2005 and since has been working on various projects especially in the audio/video market. They have a strong background in Audio Engineering providing the full development stack. jusst are experts in analog-to-digital circuitry design and PCB layout, DSP and audio I/O software development.

jusst implemented their first USB Audio interface using xCORE processors in 2013 years ago. Recent designs include a complex audio design that features USB and SPDIF input extended with a Jukeblox module to integrate the latest Audio Streaming services like Spotify Connect. The xCORE processor is not only used for Audio I/O and routing but also implements a custom ASRC and a USB-programmable Biquad-Section allowing to implement digital crossovers and instantly drive speakers out of the design.

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Skills and Services

  • USB Audio
  • DSP
  • Audio streaming
  • Microphone array capture

Indy Acoustic Research

Indy Acoustic Research was founded in 2015 by four former MWM Acoustics/Harman International Acoustic Engineers. Collectively with more than 100 years of combined experience, IAR has provided the behind-the-scenes team for dozens of successful acoustic products.

IAR provides consulting services, measurement and testing, and product recommendations for acoustic embedded products. Their lab has testing capabilities that rival tier-one manufacturers.

They are experts at selecting appropriate speakers and microphones via simulation and integrating them into unique product designs. They also customize transducers to meet specific requirements, delivering a unique edge over competition.

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Skills and Services

  • Acoustic embedded device analysis
  • Acoustic measurement and testing
  • Speaker and microphone simulation