InSignal provides software and hardware solutions to customers who need assistance creating and delivering end-user products. With a diverse knowledge of Embedded Linux and Android using embedded CPU, InSignal also have extensive experience of have customization of the Android Audio Subsystem and production of various applications by Linux ALSA drivers and its usages.

In 2018, InSignal produced and supplied CPU modules for the AVN (Audio Visual Navigation) system in vehicles. In 2017, they developed AI Speaker in 2017 and produced/supplied them to companies operating speech recognition services (ASRs). Related work included DSP algorithms for audio input/output such as AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation), NR (Noise Reduction), and BSS (Blind Source Separation).

InSignal is located in Seoul, South Korea.

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Skills and Services

  • Embedded Linux
  • Embedded Android
  • Hardware system design
  • Acoustic DSP

  • AI Speaker
  • Car AVN
  • Car black box
  • Smart glasses