From system's requirements to design and implementation, DSP4YOU partners with manufacturers to develop breakthrough A/V products on time and on budget. Our core strength lies in audio DSP and Network audio streaming solutions. By combining our extensive I.P portfolio with our nimble engineering team, we are a reliable partner able to quickly prototype a concept thanks to the use of agile product development. Last but not least, our extensive programming experience on XMOS platforms will allow us to quickly assess the best solution for a realistic implementation of your projects.

DSP4YOU is headquartered in Hong Kong, an auspicious location for you to leverage our local EMS manufacturing network in the South of China region.

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Skills and Services

  • Reference designs (modules): Audio Video Bridging modules (XMOS G4/L2 based), USB audio streaming (XMOS L2).
  • Custom Hardware development: AVB powered product, low noise audio circuitry, all digital amplifier modules, DSP boards.
  • Embedded systems development with XMOS
  • Complete turnkey product from design to manufacturing or Custom IP.