Danville Signal

Danville Signal designs and develops DSP based solutions with an emphasis on high performance audio products. We leverage can this signal processing expertise to satisfy your next generation or new product development needs. We work across a broad set of audio applications including DSP loudspeaker crossovers and bass management, high quality 2.1 or multichannel consumer audio, musical instruments effects, algorithm demonstration, video conferencing, automotive infotainment and reference designs.

We can help you take advantage of XMOS in connectivity solutions for the audio industry. We have off-the-shelf function modules that accelerate your time to market and reduce design risk as well as the ability to integrate these solutions into turnkey products. We want to be your XMOS project partner.

Danville Signal is headquartered in North America.

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Skills and Services

  • Manufacturing & Design, including Complete Turnkey Options
  • SHARC-Based DSP Boards and Solutions
  • Concept Design & Development
  • Project Management & Review
  • Schematic & PCB Board Layout
  • Software Programming (XMOS, SHARC & Windows)
  • Licensing Options Available