What’s possible with XMOS voice interfaces?

Voice interfaces add new dimensions to customer interaction. Designers can use voice to extend services, improve user experience, increase personalization, establish brand persona and drive loyalty.



Voice adds new dimensions in customer interaction… Voice…

  • Extends services
  • Improves user experience
  • Increases personalisation
  • Establishes brand persona
  • Drives loyalty

See what's possible when you push the boundaries of voice with XMOS…


Voice enriches experience

EMMA (female)DAN (male)DEVICE (voice over)
Pan right, zoom centre screen  
 We're being pushed back. Game find more players 
  Here are the other players online.
Alert them that we need some help  
 Now we're talking 
Yes…level smashed  
 Game pause 
  New upgrades are available…do you want to check your options?
Yes, let's see them  
  Emma…here are your options.
  Dan…here are your options.
No, I'm good  
 Buy option 2 
  Do you want to use your game credits Dan?
  Dan, purchase confirmed
  Are there any other options that you want to look at? ...game T-shirts are on offer today.
 No thank you 
Game start  
 Scan horizon… 


EMMA (female)DEVICE (voice over)
Alarm set perimeter monitoring 
 Alarm activated
Police, Police 
 Police contacted
 Address confirmed
 Police expected in 3 minutes
Alarm reset perimeter mode 
 Alarm activated


Voice enhances wellness

JOHN (male)DEVICE (voice over)
 Hi John, your blood pressure seems a little high. Have you remembered to take your pills?
Oh no, I haven't 
All done 
 Record updated.
 You have five days of pills remaining. Shall I order a repeat prescription?
Yes please 
 John, the average of your blood pressure over the last few days is high. Shall I book an appointment for a check-up?
Yes, please make it as soon as possible. 
 I'm waiting for the appointment confirmation.
 I'll send a notification when the appointment is confirmed and add it to your calendar.
 Your repeat prescription has been ordered.

Are you turned on by voice?