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  • Robugtix T8 spider salsa

    The T8 spider robot from Robugtix uses complex inverse kinematics to control 26 motors with a single xCORE multicore microcontroller, to achieve a complete "spider dance" routine

  • XMOS USB Audio 2.0 Solution - Video Whiteboard

    Ed Clarke offers a beginner's guide to the XMOS USB Audio 2.0 solution. Ed explains how the design uses multiple cores within an xCORE devices to deliver bit-perfect audio performance.

  • Video whiteboard - Ethernet AVB, a beginner's guide

    Andy Lucas explains the principles behind Ethernet AVB networking. Andy's talk includes information about the core IEEE 802.1 standards such as Stream Reservation Protocol, the Precision Time Protocol, the AV transport protocols and features for discovery, enumeration and control.