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The xCORE 64-bit accumulator and memory bus

Posted: 03 November 2015

In a previous blog I discussed the new DSP capabilities of the xCORE-200 architecture at a very high level. I'd now like to look at some of those DSP capabilities in more detail.

XMOS xCORE-200 devices are built around a 32-bit fixed point architecture, which includes a 64-bit accumulator for enhanced dynamic range. This architecture was chosen because it gives flexibility to implement many different forms of fixed-point and integer arithmetic efficiently.

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Hi-Res Audio Weekly News Round-up 8

Posted: 06 August 2015
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Customer Focus: Cambridge Audio

Posted: 04 August 2015

Welcome to our latest guest blog, where XMOS customers discuss their experiences of using xCORE multicore microcontrollers.

Cambridge Audio logo

Joining us this time is Dominic Baker, Technical Director at Cambridge Audio.

For more than 40 years, UK-based Cambridge Audio has been at the forefront of hi-fi innovation, designing and building a range of award winning products for music lovers. Each product is designed to deliver the best performance and sound quality from a range of sources.

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Hi-Res Audio Weekly News Round-up 7

Posted: 30 July 2015
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xCORE-AUDIO Hi-Res 2: Our first audio processor

Posted: 28 July 2015

Back in March of this year we announced a first for XMOS … a dedicated audio processor, called xCORE-AUDIO Hi-Res 2. Well we’ve had the samples back in our lab for a while now and the device is now ready to be let out into the wild. Here at the factory we are very excited about the new development.

So what is xCORE-AUDIO Hi-Res 2?

Simply put it’s a dedicated audio processor which offers high resolution stereo (hence the 2 … clever eh?) audio interfacing for consumer audio applications such as DACs and headphone amplifiers.

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