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Why voice user interfaces with beamforming microphones work better with xCORE-VOICE

Posted: 28 April 2016

We love the Amazon Echo at XMOS. It’s a new-to-the-world category of product, brimming with possibilities as a digital assistant, a hub for home automation as well as a point of presence to allow us to access all of Amazon’s goods and services.

At its heart is a piece of technology known as a smart microphone. This enables the Echo to capture voice samples with a high degree of accuracy before transmitting them to the Amazon Voice Services in the cloud where the query is processed before the answer is returned to the device in the form of Alexa’s soothing tones contained in an MP3 file.

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Exciting Times! - Synapticon and XMOS

Posted: 04 June 2014

XMOS and Synapticon have been working together now for almost three years. During that time, I’ve been impressed with the level of innovation that Synapticon have brought to the field of cyber-physical systems – advanced motion control combined with a revolutionary way of composing designs virtually using the OBLAC system. At the same time, they’ve used the capabilities of the xCORE architecture to deliver class-leading performance and reduce both the cost and time-to-market for these systems. So naturally, when we began to discuss deepening our collaboration, I was very excited at the prospect of helping to bring these two innovative companies together.

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Paul has over 20 years of international experience ranging from hands-on technology development and ASIC design through to marketing and full life-cycle product management of complex technology products. In his previous role as Director of Product Management at Picochip, Paul drove the development of the company’s multi-award-winning 3G and 4G small cell products, and secured design wins with several tier one wireless infrastructure OEMs. Prior to this, Paul held similar positions at Axeon Holdings plc, Siroyan, Pixelfusion and ARM. He holds a BSc in Computer Science & Electronics and a PhD in Advanced Logic Synthesis from Edinburgh University, and an MBA in Technology Management from the Open University Business School.