• hi-res audio
  • multi-channel audio
  • time sensitive network audio


xCORE is the pre-eminent solution for high-resolution digital audio interfacing, used by industry leaders such as Meridian Audio, OPPO Digital, Sennheiser and Sony. Our customers use our USB Audio interfaces to deliver jitter-free bit-perfect audio and realize bill-of-materials savings of up to 70%.

The Multi-Channel Audio Connectivity Flyer shows how XMOS can be used to create audio solutions.

xCORE multichannel audio capabilities



  • conference microphones, gaming headsets
  • voice user interfaces
  • virtual digital assistants


Applications that require voice capture, playback or processing as a key technology, feature prominently in many sectors including: Smart TVs, home hubs, gaming and karaoke, automotive, security and conferencing. The unique connectivity capabilities of xCORE combined with the ability to run high quality DSP signal processing on a single device make XMOS the perfect match for any device that requires a voice interface.

Find out how to build intelligent voice interfaces into your latest products.

xCORE multichannel voice capabilities



  • industrial communications
  • robotics
  • networking


The high performance, low latency and determinism of the xCORE architecture make it ideal for robotics and industrial communications. We can close control loops quickly and precisely – essential in motion control applications from robotic toys to manufacturing equipment. And xCORE excels where both communications and control are required – such as the coming move to Smart Factories and Industry 4.0

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